IHOME LIFE HLQ-I3 Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Instructions

2018/12/4 9:45:00 31158.com

HLQ-I3 Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Instructions


I3 - Wireless charger

The scope of products

  • This wireless charger(I3) is a single coil fast charging launch module that comply to the Qi WPC V1.2.4 regulation. It can be applied to all kind of devices that in compliance with International Wireless Charger Qi Standard, such as smart phone,smart watch,three proofing products, etc..

  • I3 can supply power to adapters in 5V(not support fast charging), 9V(support fast charging) or QC 2.0 or above(Pls. Have usb cable with d+ / d- for fast charging).

  • I3 is applicable in places such as home, office,vehicle-mounted .

External environmental conditions

Operating Temperature-20°C ~ +65°CStorage Temperature-20°C ~ +60°C
Operation Humidity<75% Storage Humidity<75% 
 Test Temperature 25±10°C Atmospheric Pressure 70 - 106MPa


Product Description

Wireless charger - I3
 Comply to the Qi WPC V1.2.4 regulation
 Adapter requirements: 5V 2.0A, 9V 1.67A, QC2.0 or above adapter
 Input voltage range:  4.5V~5.5V or 8.5V~9.5V
 Out put power rate of receiving end:

 5W, 7.5W,10W

 Induction distance:  3~10mm
 Product measurement: 0.243*0.277*0.011inch (74.3*84.5*3.4mm)
 Product net weight: 21g
 Working frequency: 110K~205K
 Metal Detection/Foreign Body Detection (FOD)
 Conversion efficiency >75%
 Over current, over voltage, under voltage protection
 Standby mode: Red light remains on
 Charging mode: Blue light in breathing mode
 Charged mode: Red light remains on
 FOD or abnormal mode: Blue light twinkles